Poster Jigsaw Puzzles now Available

Posted by: Andy Smith – Date: Monday, December 19, 2011

We are working closely with This England Magazine in Cheltenham to produce a new range of high quality jigsaw puzzles using images from the Poster to Poster book series.   The first four have just been produced and there are plans to add a further 20 images to this series in 2012.  The picture below gives details of this new series, which can be ordered directly from us or from This England at

Successful Poster Exhibition

Posted by: Andy Smith – Date: Friday, November 25, 2011

In celebration of the completion of book four, Pure Offices in Gloucester, where Richard’s business ‘JDF Publishing’ is located, agreed to host an exhibition of posters from Richard’s personal collection.

The exhibition displayed a total of 40 posters and gave visitors a rare opportunity to enjoy the beauty and the nostalgia of a bygone era. Many a fond memory was rekindled by visitors to the exhibition. Over 200 visitors came to Kestrel Court in Waterwells Business Park which opened its doors to the public, started on Wednesday 16th November. Special guests included Sir William McAlpine, a keen collector of steam memorabilia, who can boast to having his own full size train set at his home.

Also Richard Graham MP for Gloucester described his admiration at the reception, where he praised local businesses for working together to showcase events such as the exhibition, helping to attract tourism and business to the city.

The exhibition closed on Saturday 19th November, but don’t worry if you missed it, there is a bigger exhibition taking place at Pure Offices at Portishead in March.  The dates for this are 21st to 24th March 2012, when many more Bristol and the surrounding area posters will be on display.  We are hoping for in excess of 5o posters. Images of the Gloucester Exhibition will be posted shortly.


Sales accelerate!!!!!!!

Posted by: Andy Smith – Date: Thursday, October 27, 2011

As we approach the Christmas season sales of all our books have risen sharply.                                                                               We have sold a quarter of the print run of Volume 4 – The Eastern Counties already , and it would appear that Volume 2 – The North East and Volume 3 – The Midlands will be out of print within weeks.  We have sold over 90% of the initial print run of both volumes.    Reprints will only happen once the whole series has been completed in 2013.    Sales of the first book is still strong especially north of the border.

The first four jigsaw puzzles will be available shortly (these are Bridlington Yorkshire, Skegness Lincolnshire, Kersey Suffolk, and the Tay Bridge).  These are high quality 1000 piece puzzles using the cleaned images from our books.  Ordering information will be posted on our website in the next few days – an absolutely ideal Christmas present!

Gloucester Poster Exhibition

Posted by: Andy Smith – Date: Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pure Offices, where we are based, are hosting a prestigious exhibition of railway art at Kestrel Court, Waterwells Business Park, Gloucester.  More than 30 posters will be on display, including six quad royals.   The exhibition will run from Wednesday 16 November until Saturday 19 November. The exhibition will showcase great British railway posters from by-gone eras from all of Britain, and we will be on hand to sign copies of the latest ‘Poster to Poster’ book, the fourth volume in a series of books that mine a rich vein of uniquely British heritage.

Such is the passion for our railways, the undeniable romance of the steam age and the glorious artwork which accompanied it, that forewords for the books have been written by celebrities such as Paul Atterbury, Michael Portillo and Pete Waterman.    Our Guest-of-Honour on VIP Day will be The Hon. Sir William McAlpine Bt., who is writing the Foreword to Volume 5.

The exhibition will be open to the public from Thursday until Saturday afternoon, for more information contact Pure Offices on 01452 886300 and join the other passengers in an orderly fashion please!

Invitation Day Wednesday 10.00am to 4.00pm

Public Viewing Days Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9.00am to 4.00pm

Cheltenham Literary Festival

Posted by: Andy Smith – Date: Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We attended the Cheltenham Literary Festival on Sunday 9th October to meet up with Michael Portillo to personally give him his copy of Volume 4 The Eastern Counties.  He gave two talks – one on his political career and the second on his Great British Railway Journeys, both being well attended.  It was a pleasure to meet with him and he very kindly signed our own copy of Volume 4 and also our copy of his BBC book on his journeys.

Volume 4 is here !!

Posted by: Andy Smith – Date: Friday, October 14, 2011

Volume 4 – The Eastern Counties is now available & selling fast.

September 7th 2011

Posted by: Andy Smith – Date: Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It has been a month since our last posting so it is time for an update.   We heard late last week that finished volume 4 books are due this week from the printers and binders, some three weeks early.  It means all those loyal supporters who have pre-ordered will receive shipments of their books very shortly and with our grateful thanks.  We are still intending to have our formal launch at the Great Central Railwayana Auction on October 8th 2011 at the National Agricultural Centre at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.   This is the 25th Anniversary auction of GCRA (please visit for details) and it will be a very prestigious event in the railway collecting calendar for us to make our fourth book launch of this marathon project, that is now into its tenth year.

Prior to this event, the JDF offices will be closed from 14th to 28th September, as we take our annual holiday before the hectic months leading up to the Christmas season.    Just after we return, there is the Cheltenham Literary festival, the Solent Railwayana Auction and a visit to East Anglia for Volume 4 book promotion work.

In the past month we have given a talk at the Bristol Section of the Railway Correspondence and Travel Society and are now deeply involved with the project to help rebuilt the branch line from Bristol Temple Meads to Portishead.   All this activity plus work on volume 5, which is progressing well, has meant JDF has had a very busy month.  Sir William McAlpine has kindly agreed to write the Foreword on this book and as we write this short blog, the first three chapters and the Introduction are laid out, with the Intro have written. Two of the draft pages are pictured above.

Volume 4 on the press & Volume 5 underway

Posted by: Andy Smith – Date: Thursday, August 4, 2011

Volume 4 was completed and sent off to the presses last week.  Two days were spent in Yorkshire at the Amadeus Press offices checking the colour balance of all the images, as well as doing the final ‘tweaks’ to the text.  The book is almost 75,000 words and contains 365 posters.  More images were available (we had acquired over 380) but in the end we ran out of pages (the book will be 272 pages in total).  The remainder of some of the rarer LNER posters discovered will go into volume 8, when that is written in 2013.

Work has already started in the planning of Volume 5, which covers London and the South-East.  Here we have very many posters to choose from, so our problem will be what to include and what to leave out.  The journey begins in Berkshire at Windsor Castle and will end on the Isle of Wight.   London, as one of the world’s greatest visitor destinations, will naturally feature strongly, including the front cover above right (by artist Frank Mason dating from 1946).     The rear cover (above left) features the fruit trees in Kent during springtime by Derbyshire-born artist Frank Sherwin: this poster dates from the 1950s.

Volume 4 on track

Posted by: Andy Smith – Date: Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Volume 4 is almost ready. The travel part of seven chapters was completed in mid-June and last weekend saw the remaining two chapters finished. There now only remains the database notes, the list of references and the final wrap-up to be executed.   There are currently 365 posters included, with a few more to add, once the final page count is determined.  All available space is being filled with posters.  The artist thumbnail section has been expanded to almost 80 entries, and the database is finished.  This volume will be almost as large as the Yorkshire book (Volume 2), and it showcases the golden advertising years of the LNER.   Many posters by Frank Mason, Frank Newbould, Tom Purvis and Fred Taylor are together for the first time.

The draft will go off to press next month and we are told to expect finished books in September.  We are looking at launching the work formally at the Great Central Railwayana auction at Stoneleigh in early October, though it will be on sale via the website in late September.  We already have nearly 200 firm orders and our recent presentations have generated much interest, especially from LNER aficionados. We have had vouchers produced, so that advance orders can be taken for the book, and colourful receipts can be given for presents until the book is available.


Winds of Change Gallery / Winchcombe

7 June 2011 - Poster Exhibition - Winds of Change Gallery
Posted by: Ben – Date: Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The poster exhibition at the Winds of Change Gallery, Winchcombe is creating a great deal of Interest. Some 24 posters are on display together with three local totems, rarely seen together in public. The two pictures below give a flavour of the gallery and the private viewing last Saturday brought rooms full of people.

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Winds of Change Poster Exhibition

Posted by: Ben – Date: Friday, May 13, 2011

An exhibition of over 20 original railway posters is being organised in Winchcombe Gloucestershire early next month. The advert below gives full details of the gallery and the dates to see the posters.

Works by Mason, Buckle, Steel, Merriott and Wesson will be amongst those on display. The aim is to show Britain in a colourful but nostalgic way, at the height of the railway advertising era.

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Volume 3 Book Signings

Posted by: Steve Kington – Date: Monday, April 25, 2011

The past two weeks have seen us undertake book signings, after dinner speeches, involvement with a local railway progress and progress on the writing of Volume 4. On April 16th we were guests of the National Railway Museum at York for an Author day signing copies of Volume 3 of the poster series. The left hand picture below shows us preparing for the day. The cover poster – Oxford by Alan Carr Linford – was taken out of its drawer in the NRM Collection to display, along with our own poster of Weobley, Herefordshire.
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Volume 4 on schedule

Posted by: Steve Kington – Date: Monday, April 4, 2011

It has been 2 months since our last news posting, so this blog is well overdue. The two months have seen a great deal of activity, both on shipments of Volume 3 and progress on Volume 4. We have received a few reviews already on the third book (See Reviews Page) and also some letters giving us additional information on the exact locations of four of the posters, including two from The Gower, as requested in the volume text.
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Volume 3 Now Available!

Posted by: Steve Kington – Date: Sunday, February 6, 2011

Volume 3 is now published and available after several weeks of frantic efforts to get everything ready. Even towards the end the inclement winter we are having caused some delays and the books did not arrive for the formal launch at the GCRA Auction Stoneleigh on 15/01/2011 until 9am that morning, so that was tight, very tight! We have had two weeks of packing and posting to fulfil all the orders we have received.
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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2011
Posted by: Steve Kington – Date: Monday, January 3, 2011

Firstly, we wish all our readers and project supporters a Happy New Year.   We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of finished Volume 3 books, after receiving sample pages from Amadeus Press in mid-December.  As with the first two volumes in the series, the pages we have are really colourful and show many Midlands and mid-Wales posters in all their glory for the first time.  Read More