Posted by: Andy Smith – Date: Saturday, December 14, 2013

We have had a number of people order Volume 7 as Christmas presents.  This short post is to make it clear that this volume will be published Spring 2014.  We have made it available to pre-order on our shop page simply because we did not want to disappoint those people who have supported us throughout, because interest in this book is extremely high.  Production costs have rocketed resulting in a smaller print run than previous volumes.

We wish to make it clear that the pre-order facility we have made available guarantees those who do pre-order will receive a signed copy when the book comes out.  Pre-orders will be dispatched before general release to retail shops.


Posted by: Andy Smith – Date: Sunday, December 1, 2013

As we are now approaching the holiday season Interlink informs us that the last posting day for books guaranteed as Christmas Day presents will be December 20th.  This enables delivery to be made to you by 23rd December.

We can also report excellent sales on Volume 6 , so much so that availability of this volume is limited and it looks as if it will be out of print during the first part of 2014.  The same is true for Volume 3 as numbers here have also dwindled during 2013.

Richard is making steady progress with Volume 7 – The Glorious South West – having completed Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire & most of South Devon.  This leaves North Devon, Cornwall & the Islands to write with all these chapters already laid out.  It promises to be a large book, and advance orders so far mean almost a third of the planned print run is already sold.


Posted by: Andy Smith – Date: Tuesday, September 3, 2013







Posted by: Andy Smith – Date: Tuesday, August 13, 2013

From the end of today JDF Gloucester Offices will be closed as we journey to the North West area for a series of promotional visits.

Tomorrow (Wednesday 14th August) will see us in Colwyn Bay for a tv interview with ITV Wales.  Chapter 6 of the North West book ( Richard’s favourite) has attracted a great deal of interest so we are hoping to feature several of these in the area they were intended to promote.  In the afternoon we journey to Southport where Broadhursts Books are featuring our series on their trade stand at Southport Flower Show.

On Thursday 15th August we have a book signing at Formby Books ( see www.formbybooks. and here we will display an original 1950 Southport poster. Do come and see us from 4.30 p.m onwards.

On Friday 16th August we are being interviewed by Mighty FM (see who are the community voice for the Southport area.  Volume 6 features many quite wonderful Southport posters and we hope to acquaint residents of this important resort town with their glorious past heritage. We are also seeing Champion newspapers who are keen to do a feature on Volume 6.

The offices will re-open on Monday 19th August.  During our absence we will check emails and reply to any urgent matters.

Meet the author with Nick Higham

Posted by: Andy Smith – Date: Thursday, August 1, 2013

We went to London a couple of weeks ago as Richard was interviewed about Volume 6 of Poster to Poster – Railway Journeys in Art by Nick Higham for his programme ” Meet the Author “.  The programme should have gone out last week but due to the tragic Spanish rail disaster it was delayed a few days.  It is however now available on the BBC iPlayer  using the link below

As a result of this we have had a fantastic response to the book.


Posted by: Andy Smith – Date: Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This short post is to inform everybody that our offices are now closed until 9.00 a.m. on Thursday 1st August.  All orders received in the next week will be dispatched at the end of next week.  We will have limited access to emails and will be able to reply to urgent messages.  We will have more copies of Volume 6 to be able to serve all orders.

Order Volumes 6 & 7 from the website

Posted by: Andy Smith – Date: Friday, July 19, 2013

Now that we are beginning to receive final copies of Volume 6 from the binders we can offer on line ordering facilities for this book , and pre-order facility for Volume 7.  This book is over half laid out and as production costs are rising all of the time this eagerly awaited volume will see a limited print run ; so when they are gone they are gone!!  Delivery is by courier only as these companies are now far cheaper than Royal Mail.  Our partner in the UK is Interlink Express, and to Europe & Worldwide it will be Fedex.

Early feedback on Volume 6 suggests readers think this is the best one yet! Print run is also limited and within the first week 30% of the total copies printed are already sold.

Volume 6 at last !!!!

Posted by: Andy Smith – Date: Tuesday, July 16, 2013

After all the delays in publishing this book we now have started sending out copies to all our customers who had faith in us and pre-ordered.  We are sending them out in the order we received them.  Feedback already  says it is the best book yet !!


Thanking everyone for your patience for what has been a difficult, logistical time for us.  The books are having to be hand stitched, so the overall quality has turned out to be worth waiting for. Special thanks to Amadeus Press in Yorkshire and T J International in Padstow.


Posted by: Andy Smith – Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We will be shortly posting a list of original railway posters which will be available for sale.  We have been asked by the widows of two eminent poster artists to help dispose of surplus stock.

If this is of interest please contact us detailing specific wants.


Posted by: Andy Smith – Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2013

By the end of this week a C.D. will leave us bound for Amadeus Press who will then spend a week electronically assembling the book so that we can have sign off by the end of the month.  This will mean finished copies will be available in the first week of July and the formal launch will take place at the Stoneleigh Railwayana Auction in Warwickshire on July 13th.

After a good deal of work & effort the final draft is now looking quite superb and the colour balanced images should delight all our supporters, especially those living in the North West.  Industry, scenery, and seaside frolics abound in equal quantities!!


Posted by: Andy Smith – Date: Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The copyright issue that has plagued progress on Volume 6 has now thankfully been resolved and we are working out a new timetable and projected launch date: June this year looks most likely.

Following on from this we are now in a position to take advance orders for this book. Sadly we have had to raise the price slightly to help pay for increase production costs after the demise of our former binder (Hunter & Foulis).  Orders will be taken through the website very shortly but in the meantime if our our regular readers care to send a cheque for £40.00 they can be guaranteed a signed copy of this highly colourful book.

The writing stage is now complete and the only tasks outstanding are the proof reading and the location of a few final images.  The book will be 256 pages ans will contain 384 posters, the second highest in the series!

Delay on Volume 6

Posted by: Steve Kington – Date: Tuesday, February 26, 2013

First the bad news: A copyright issue has delayed the final work on volume 6.  This because some of the posters we wanted to use in the book have copyright ownership that is in dispute.  We are working closely with the Science Museum to resolve this.

A further complication arose at the end of 2012, when  the Scottish Company who has been binding and finishing our books went into receivership.  The search for a new production partner has taken some time as the book is larger than most UK companies can handle.   Our printers have worked hard to find a firm with equipment of sufficient size to handle a 2 kg book to our standards.   The only issue therefore is copyright which we should resolve within the next few weeks.

We have 70% of the hi-res images and these are being cleaned.  The remainder should be with us shortly and again time will be needed to bring these to the standard JDF quality.  Our best guess therefore is the book should be ready in late May, a delay of over two months on the proposed timetable.  We can only apologize to the many supporters who are eager for this to be published, but you can appreciate events this year have been out of our hands.

And now the good news: The  writing is all but complete and the volume of 256 pages will contain more than 380 posters that span the whole of the 20th century.  It will soon go away for proof-reading and really will be a beautiful volume, doing  the North-West of the UK proud.   We are particularly pleased that North Wales and Northern Ireland have come out extremely well.   We will keep everybody updated as soon as we can on the new timetable.

Volume 6 – The British North West

Posted by: Andy Smith – Date: Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Good steady progress has been made during the past month since our last news item.  The book is now over 75% completed and the projected April publishing date is still on track.  Below are two recently completed pages, one for North Wales and one for Northern Ireland.  We will shortly be taking pre-orders for this volume, but wish to advise that the print run this time will be smaller as production costs have risen sharply.