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The third book in the series see us visiting central England before we head in south Wales and finish the journey at the north end of Cardigan Bay. We begin in Staffordshire and visit Derbyshire, Nottingham, Leicester and Northamptonshire in the first two chapters. Then it is to the southern extremity of the journey in Buckinghamshire before turning north into Oxford and Warwickshire. The English portion finishes with the western Counties of Shropshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire but the final two chapters cover the Welsh part of the journey.

Poster to Poster - Midlands - Whats's Inside






The research has revealed over 370 posters were produced for this area (listed in appendix B), so as with the other two published works, selection has been very difficult to enable coverage from Victorian to Modern times. The chapter listing below gives the final structure of the book. The number in brackets at the end of each chapter signifies the total posters used.

Introduction: Historical perspective of the area in poster terms (32)
Chapter 1:       From Three Spires to the High Peak: Staffordshire and Northern Derbyshire (25)
Chapter 2:       The Eastern Shires of England: Derbyshire Dales, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Northampton (32)
Chapter 3:       Dreaming Spires and Fine Words: Bedford, Buckingham, Oxford and Warwickshire (37)
Chapter 4:       Into the Land of Three Choirs: Shropshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire (40)
Chapter 5:       Croeso y Cymru – Welcome to Wales: Monmouthshire, Glamorgan, Carmarthen and Pembroke (37)
Chapter 6:       Holidays in Mid-Wales: Cardiganshire, Brecknock, Montgomeryshire,  Radnorshire and Merionethshire (37)
Chapter 7:       Poster Influences on the Area’s Tourism: Enticing us to return (52)
Appendices: Artist profiles and Poster database (10)


Poster to Poster - Scotland Chapter Sample

This gives us over 300 posters included in the book, for an area which was Britain’s industrial powerhouse during the Victorian, Edwardian and House of Windsor eras. It is not surprising that there were relatively few posters produced for this area, compared to Scotland or the North Eastern area of England, as Midland stations usually contained seaside posters for other places in Britain (such as Somerset and Devon), as well as those found in chapter 6. Artist thumbnails and a listing of all the posters discovered during the research are included in the Appendices, to indicate what posters were produced in the 20th century.

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