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This 230+ page volume will feature a journey from North Lincolnshire down to the outskirts of London. Three further regional books (plus a General Poster and Foreign Travel Book) to follow over the next 3 years to complete an eight-volume series. Volume 1 of this series about Scotland won the title “Scottish Non-fiction Book of the Year 2009”. Volume 2 covered Yorkshire and the North-East and Volume 3 covered the Midlands and Wales: both are critically acclaimed. They have all been written under licence from the National Museum of Science and Industry Trading Ltd and in collaboration with the National Railway Museum at York. This large format volume includes more than 320 Regional posters, many previously unpublished in books, from the National Collection and other sources. They span the years from the Victorian era to Modern times. Volume 4 sees the journey begin with industrial scenes as we visit Immingham and Scunthorpe. We then visit the cities of Lincoln, Cambridge, Ely and Norwich, before reaching the coast at Great Yarmouth. The Norfolk Broads, the Fens and the pretty villages of Suffolk await, before it is into Hertfordshire and Essex. Essex featured surprisingly often in railway advertising and a mixture of shipping and holiday posters is included, for an area that saw many day-trippers come from London. It promises to be a wonderful journey, and two sample posters, found in the book, are shown below








Volume 4 Chapters

Planning of the second Volume is complete. There are over 650 wonderful posters to choose from for this area of England and selection has been very difficult to enable coverage from Victorian to Modern times. The chapter listing that follows is the current position, but some ‘tweaking’ is envisaged. The number in brackets at the end of each chapter signifies the posters presently assigned.

Introduction: Review of the Area Covered in Vol.4 (33 posters covering the Seven Counties visited)
Chapter 1: Southwards from the Humber (47 Posters for Lincolnshire)
Chapter 2: The Fenland Counties (35 Posters for Cambridgeshire & Huntingdonshire)
Chapter 3: Touring Norfolk: Lord Nelson’s County (40 Posters for Norfolk)
Chapter 4: Messing About on the River (27 Posters for the Norfolk Broads)
Chapter 5: Picturesque Villages: Suffolk Beckons (42 Posters for Suffolk)
Chapter 6: To the West of the Region (34 Posters for Eastern Essex and Hertfordshire)
Chapter 7: Day Trips to the Essex Coast (37 Posters for Clacton, Harwich and Southend)
Chapter 8: East Coast in Retrospect (45 general posters produced for the area)
Chapter 9: Poster Influences in the 20th Century (43 Posters for Target Area on the East Coast)

Also featured at the rear of the book is a large poster database, which has already taken many man-years of work. This stunningly illustrated book will surely become THE collectors’ guide to the region’s railway posters. It will feature a comprehensive accompanying travel-text, poster essays, artist thumbnails, historical and tourism facts, plus a listing of more than 600 Posters and database research notes.

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