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In a unique arrangement with the National Railway Museum in York, the Poster to Poster series is an eight-volume definitive collection of British railway posters which showcases some of the greatest collections of railway posters to be found anywhere in the world. Each volume is a mixture of travel documentary, geographical and historical study, graphic artists’ reference and poster database – all interlinked using the central theme of railway posters. This eighth volume uses our National Collection to take a journey around some wonderful continental destinations such as France and Italy, as well as North America, which both the British and overseas railway companies advertised, before examining general British poster policy and the services our railways offered, covering hotels, ferry, air and freight services and holiday guides. The result is a stunning artistic guide to both continental and North American destinations and railway poster heritage.

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This wonderful collection of books offers the following;

A definitive series on British railway posters

Published in a unique arrangement with the National Railway Museum

High quality production and fully illustrated with beautiful and memorable posters

Stunning books that will widely appeal to everyone, not just railway enthusiasts

An opportunity to purchase a unique First Edition and numbered series of full sets. Please contact us for more information.

Praise for the Poster to Poster Railway Journey’s in Art series:

‘The definitive series on British railway posters. Highly recommended.’ STEAM WORLD

‘An exquisite collection of art from a bygone era and a must-have for railway enthusiasts.’ INDEPENDENT

‘A marvellous series, and lovingly compiled books.’ MICHAEL PALIN

‘This is a truly lovely book that should appeal to anyone, not just railway enthusiasts.’ RAILWAYS ILLUSTRATED

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Poster to Poster Publishing, 21 Bridge Street, Carmarthen, Dyfed, SA31 3JS

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