Winds of Change Gallery / Winchcombe

7 June 2011 - Poster Exhibition - Winds of Change Gallery
Posted by: Ben – Date: Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The poster exhibition at the Winds of Change Gallery, Winchcombe is creating a great deal of Interest. Some 24 posters are on display together with three local totems, rarely seen together in public. The two pictures below give a flavour of the gallery and the private viewing last Saturday brought rooms full of people.

The show runs until Sunday 12th June and has been extended by a day because of local requests. This is the first British railway poster exhibition this century and therefore is a unique opportunity to see some rare pieces. Smaller reproductions, made under licence of the SSPL in London are available for purchase, as are signed copies of the poster books. Details are available

Work on volume 4 is progressing nicely, with the travel part of the book almost complete. The Rt. Hon Michael Portillo has completed the Foreword and Alan Young is putting the final touches to the hand-drawn area maps. I am still on course at the moment to launch the work at the September SRA Auction in Derby, provided no unforeseen late glitches arise, as happened with Volume 3. So far, 180 pages are written, the database is complete and the artists thumbnails section has been enlarged from Volume 3, as new material is discovered.